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Are you tired of those nerve-racking 2 a.m. phone calls? Do you wish to spend more time with your family and friends, or have you simply lost your passion for web hosting?

We'll assist you in achieving a profitable exit that compensates you for all of your hard work.

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Want to get a head start on your entrepreneurial venture? Or are you looking to fast grow your current business? Visit our marketplace to find your next investment.

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In 5 simple steps

Selling your web hosting business doesn't have to be hard. Our process is simple and painless, and it eliminates risk for both the seller and the buyer.

Get a valuation
Find out how much your business is worth.
Create listing
We'll put your business in front of potential buyers.
Find a buyer
Communicate with buyers and review offers.
Accept offer
Buyer transfers funds into escrow account.
Buyer approves and funds are released to seller.

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A digital acquisition platform built for the hosting sector

Host Flippers takes the friction out of buying and selling an online business by providing out-of-the-box tools for private messaging, bid management, and more.

Online Dashboard
Quickly access your listings, bids and messages from your desktop or mobile.
Message Inbox
View conversations and respond to questions through a secure communication channel.
Bidding Engine
Review bids, set a minimum reserve, and make counter-offers with a few clicks.
Escrow Service
Protect both sides of the transaction with integrated, secure escrow payments.
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$5,000 USD
9 Yr.
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Asking price
$570,000 USD
26 Yr.
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$1,200,000 USD
11 Yr.
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Why choose us?

We are experts in web hosting

Host Flippers is the first and only marketplace curating established, profitable web hosting companies for sale. Our vast experience in the hosting industry allows us to provide a simple and stress-free service that instills trust in both the buyer and seller.

Only serious buyers
To weed out the tire kickers, all buyers must verify their personal information and sign an NDA.
Vetted marketplace
Our team thoroughly investigates every business before it gets listed to ensure it's legitimate.
Secure transactions
Host Flippers has teamed up with to provide a safe and trustworthy payment solution.

Find out how much your business is really worth...

Selling on your own is time-consuming, risky, and unlikely to result in the best price. Allow Host Flippers do the work for you.