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4 Y/O Hosting Business for Sale Earning $22K+ in Profits/mo with Over $66K in MRR

Asking price
$1,200,000 USD
(18x multiple)
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Company Age
4 Years
$66,537 USD
Net Profit
$22,870 USD/mo.

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Sellers description

Our business is a VPS and dedicated server provider that is laser-focused in a specific niche market that is very exciting. We've managed to provide tailor-made virtual and dedicated servers to suit these users' needs, giving them the power and speed they require at an affordable price that makes sense for their specific usage on a technical level. Our servers are all located in the US. Having established a solid reputation at a grass-roots level with the community as a reliable hosting provider for these users' infrastructure/server needs, we've been able to position our business as a familiar name in this niche market and have gained a solid share of the market compared to our competitors. The business comes with an online Discord community that consists of past, present, and prospective customers of ours (** almost 4,000 members **). This community serves as a "bulletin board" where users can stay up to date on the latest news (maintenance, etc) as well as restocks/deals on our products. Users can chat with each other as well. Users however will still seek for support via a proper ticketing system within the WHMCS client area. Our business leases servers from 2 reputable companies which we work very closely with. Should you purchase this company from us, you will be able to leverage our close relationship with our vendors for a hassle-free takeover, or move to your own infrastructure. As the owner of this business, I'd be more than happy to stay on for a period of time after the sale to provide my consultation and assistance on how to serve this niche, and grow even further in order to dominate this niche market we're in entirely. I'd be more than happy to provide specific details on the market we serve as well as information about our infrastructure/technical setup to a potential, serious buyer.

Services offered

VPS, Dedicated

Assets included in the sale

Clients, Software Licenses, Servers (leased), Domains

Reason for sale

I have an offer for a new career path that I would like to pursue. This will require a lot of my time and energy, and as such, I have to sell this business before I can move on with my new career.

Key performance metrics

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